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His Majesty the Compote

His Majesty the Compote

The shelves of stores are filled with a variety of drinks today. Coca-Cola and Lemonade, Schweppes and Tarhun, mineral water ... And the assortment of juices is simply amazing! But in the summer heat, I often want compote. My own, home, cold, saturated, with pieces of fruit.

Homeland of compote is France. It is claimed that already in the 18th century the componere (compote) was brewed - a decoction of fruits and berries. But without looking back at history, today this drink is popular everywhere - both at the grandmother in the village, and in the exquisite restaurants of Europe.

France is considered the birthplace of compote

France is considered the birthplace of compote, photo WEB

Compotes quench thirst, saturate with vitamins, promote immunity, accelerate metabolism, normalize the work of the digestive tract and have many other useful properties that are determined by the composition of the ingredients. For this reason, unequivocally answer the question, what is useful in compote, and which of the compotes is better - is impossible. Each drink has a unique effect and can even be used as a medicine. This fact is not denied even by traditional medicine.

Каждый напиток оказывает уникальный эффект

Each drink has a unique effect, photo WEB

It is difficult to determine which compote is more useful. The goal determines the means here. To improve the tone and the work of the intestines, drink compote from dried apricots and plums. To reduce hypertension and to combat stress - from apples and pears. When anemia - from cherries and raisins, and to improve the functionality of the endocrine system, prepare a compote from figs.

We can enumerate long, because fruits, berries and their combinations are so many. Cook compotes of currants and raspberries, strawberries and peaches, apricots, cranberries, gooseberries, quinces, plums, sea buckthorn, cherries and so on. Fresh, dried, frozen and even canned fruits are used for the preparation of the drink.

Variety of fruits is used for compote

Variety of fruits is used for compote, photo WEB

About useful properties of compote from dried fruits we can talk endlessly. No wonder that this drink is present in the menu of kindergartens, schools, hospitals and dispensaries. It is included in the complex therapy of gastrointestinal diseases, inflammation of the bladder, gout, as well as with avitaminosis, colds and even with the decline of strength and depression.

Young mothers rightly wonder whether it is useful for children to drink compote. But everything depends on the age of the child and, again, the composition of the drink. If the baby does not have an allergy, then a glass of compote will help to strengthen immunity in the cold season, increase tone, give vivacity and saturate with vitamins.

If there is no allergy, compote is good for children

If there is no allergy, compote is good for children, photo WEB

However, not all compotes are equally useful. There are subtleties in the preparation of such simple drink. If you do not know how to cook a useful compote, follow simple rules. Do not cook it from fruits collected near roads or industrial facilities. Do not expose fruits and berries to long boiling, but it is better to pour them with boiling water and insist for several hours. Do not overdo it with sugar - why do you need extra pounds? And for winter it is generally better to store frozen fruits, not ready-made beverages.

Therefore, the most useful compotes are those that were cooked with a small amount of sugar, not more than 10 minutes from the fruits collected in your own garden. By the way, in the bottom of bowl you can add spices - cinnamon, cloves, anise and even pea peppers. Drink the compote, according to etiquette, chilled.

The most useful compotes are cooked from fruits harvested in their own garden

The most useful compotes are cooked from fruits harvested in their own garden, photo WEB

Is compote useful? Undoubtedly! However, one should know the measure, because the concentration of active substances in such a drink is higher than in fresh fruits. People who have chronic health problems will have to take into account the peculiarities of their body.

So, for example, a drink made from acid fruits will cause discomfort for those suffering from gastritis and liver pathologies. And those who are prone to allergies, it is undesirable to drink red compote and with citrus. In the rest, compote is an extremely useful drink. Drink to health and with pleasure!

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow