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Laudatory ode to tuna

Nor fish, nor meat ... Better!

A hundred years ago, tuna was considered a fish, not worthy of attention to not only for gourmet, but even ordinary citizens. What kind of fish is it if its meat is more like beef? And its taste is also some kind of “not fishy” ... It is completely incomprehensible what to do with it! But this was before. And today, tuna has gained incredible popularity all over the world and in the seafood market it ranks second after shrimp.

Tuna fish are the largest representatives of the mackerel family. The adult individual of ordinary tuna grows in length up to three meters or more, and the largest of the caught representatives of the species with a length of 4.5 meters weighed nearly 700 kilograms! The shape of the body, the special structure of the muscles and the dorsal fin makes these fish fast and mobile so that the energy they spend on movement allows them to maintain body temperature above the ambient temperature ... This short overview could be omitted, but it is the tuna lifestyle that is the reason for the particular color and quality of its meat.

405 kg bluefin tuna

405 kg bluefin tuna,  WEB

Meanwhile, in itself, the red color of tuna meat does not make this fish special. But you can't say this about its composition. Due to the extremely high activity, tuna are bodybuilders in the marine world. Their meat contains no more than 4% fat, and when they go to spawn, even less. At the same time, such fats are considered to be useful, since the concentration of omega-3 - polyunsaturated fatty acids, is very high and is not synthesized by the human body. Their deficiency is extremely difficult to fill with other products, because nutritionists insist on eating fish at least twice a week.

In addition, tuna fillet is rich in protein, which, given the absolute lack of fiber in it, is absorbed much better than from the already mentioned veal or other types of meat. The fish muscles have an impressive amount of iodine and selenium, which are also sorely lacking for city dwellers. It is noteworthy that one hundred grams of tuna contains the daily rate of tryptophan - an amino acid, without which synthesis of the hormone of happiness, serotonin, is impossible. Tryptophan, like omega-3, is not produced by the body and should only be ingested with food.

Tuna fish has no more than 4% fat

Tuna fish has no more than 4% fat, photo © fish_home_spb

It is worth thinking, what kind of fish meat, other than tuna, can be so useful? The Japanese believe that this species is unique. In the Land of the Rising Sun, it is eaten mostly raw or pickled with many spices, it is added to sushi and sashimi. European cooks claim that tuna fillet is tender, juicy and tasty in any form, it is important not to cook it in long-term heat, otherwise it will become tough.

By right, one of the most useful and versatile marine fish is tuna, whose cooking recipes are so varied that one can make a full menu for a whole month ahead. In different countries of the world such fish is fried, baked, cooked with vegetables. With tuna make excellent sandwiches, pre-pickling it in butter with spices and lemon juice.

No matter what color tuna fish is, this fish is the best base for tartar. Its tender and oily fillet is ideal for such a dish, and its preparation will not take much time. Fillets finely chopped into cubes, just come with a shallot head, capers and parsley.

A tuna burger is not only tasty, but also healthy

A tuna burger is not only tasty, but also healthy, photo © fish_home_spb

Everything is mixed, pouring dressing of olive oil, mustard and soy sauce. Separately, prepare mashed avocado pulp, combine it with slices of cherry tomato and lemon juice. Avocados are put on a flat plate through a molding ring, and the top is marinated tuna fillet along with the sauce. Chic tartar is ready in just 20 minutes.


Tuna tartar can be made quickly

Tuna tartar can be made quickly, photo WEB

But among housewifes, tuna steaks are especially popular. It is enough to pickle a piece of fish in olive oil with cilantro, ginger, salt and chili, then put it on foil, cover it with slices of tomato, sweet pepper and onion with garlic and send to the oven for 30 minutes. The result - you will swallow the tongue!

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow