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Health and positive in one glass

Smoothie? Smoothie ... Smoothie!

Summer, fruit, healthy lifestyle, positive, energy and sports - that's what's in the trend now. And all this is enclosed in one glass of thick, juicy, bright smoothie.

The name of the dish went from the English word smoothie, which defines something homogeneous, pleasant, smooth. And be sure - it's all about smoothie. And smoothie - it's a dish, not a drink - a full, nutritious, useful, capable of equivalent to replace at least breakfast, even dinner.

Smoothie is a dish, not a drink

Smoothie is a dish, not a drink, photo WEB

In essence, it is a cocktail made from juice, milk and blended fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds, greenery, berries, oat flakes ... Of course, not from all at once. However, experts in healthy nutrition note that in one glass should not mix more than 4 - 5 components.

For now, let's talk about what is smoothie and what is the use of it. However, we can talk about this endlessly. The striking difference between this cocktail and freshly squeezed juice is that it preserves the fiber, without which normal functioning of the intestine is impossible. It is plant fibers that make it possible to make healthy diets on smoothies.

Do not mix more than 4 to 5 components

Do not mix more than 4 to 5 components, photo WEB

However, to maintain health and nutrition it is not necessarily sit on a smoothie diet. It is enough to consume 400 - 500 ml of this composition per day. The volume is desirable to monitor, based on the caloric content of the cocktail, which varies very widely due to the variety of used products. With a competent approach, in one glass of a bright mixture you can balance the amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, depending on the objectives pursued.

Want to lose weight? Add the citrus. Strive to gain muscle mass? Put tofu in the composition. Dream of shiny hair and healthy skin? Throw nuts and flaxseed into the blender bowl. Would you like to remove harmful ballast? Make a detox-cocktail of coriander with spinach. By the way, the benefits of green smoothies from parsley, nettles, celery can be made up of legends. Because in pure form we do not consume so much greenery, but it contains a maximum of vitamins and useful acids.

You do not need to sit down on a smoothie diet to maintain health

You do not need to sit down on a smoothie diet to maintain health, фото WEB

The use of smoothie is obvious and undeniable for the human body. This cocktail fully nourishes, delivers the full range of minerals and other nutrients, does not leave gravity in the stomach, for a long time depresses the feeling of hunger and generally carries a continuous positive. In addition, it is prepared in a matter of minutes.

We can talk for a long time about the benefits of smoothie for breakfast, but any woman will say that in the morning it's also half an hour of saved time - for sleep or make-up, or even for yoga. Such a beginning of the day is already the way to health! However, if you really dive into the smoothie philosophy, it is worth knowing a few basic rules for their preparation.

Firstly, such cocktail and sugar are mutually exclusive concepts. There is an excess of fructose Iin fruits, so there is no point in supplementing it with glucose. If you really want sweets, better add natural honey. After the sugar, send to the urn purchased juice, as well as colored yogurt and salt.

Smoothie and sugar are mutually exclusive concepts

Smoothie and sugar are mutually exclusive concepts, photo WEB

Mix vegetable cocktails with kefir or unsweetened yogurt, instead of salt add sea kale and lemon juice. And strawberry, banana and carrot smoothie will revealed its fabulous taste and benefits with milk and cream. This dish is necessary to drink (or eat?) at once, since whimsical vitamins are striving to escape from a glass.

As a thick foundation in your morning cocktail, it is good to add bananas, avocados, oat flakes, mangoes, pears. Sources of proteins are yoghurt, tofu, nuts, seeds and chia. The more greenery - the better! And if you include natural tonic supplements, like ginseng, rhodiola or guarana, be sure - this day will be filled with energy and positive! Break into a healthy movement!

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow