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A new Guinness record  was set for making the world's longest tiramisu cake on March 16, 2019, in Milan

The longest tiramisu

It is difficult to find people who have not heard the word - tiramisu. In Italian, it means “lift me up”; this is the most common Italian cake. On Saturday, March 16, Milan tried to make the longest tiramisu in the world. This news raised several thousand people and forced to go to the CityLife Shopping District to participate in this historic event.

A lot of people came to participate

A lot of people came to participate, photo © Evgeny Utkin

It was announced that the ceremony will begin at 14:00, and of course, all those present will be able to try this cake. A team of 30 confectioners of Teatro7Lab led by Stefano Callegaro has been working since 10 am, and maybe even earlier. They prepared small cakes, “bricks” of 30x40 cm, which were laid on previously prepared tables from 14 o'clock. Connecting one by one, so that there is no space between, and that everything is filled with mascarpone cream (soft non-sour Italian cheese).

30 confectioners made a cake from early in the morning

30 confectioners made a cake from early in the morning, photo © Evgeny Utkin

Prior to this, the record already belonged to Italy, and it was 266.9 meters. Now the main sponsor, a manufacturer of cheeses, including mascarpone, Galbani Santa Lucia wanted to break the record, bringing it to 300 meters (tables of such length were placed in the commercial center). On the manufacture of this wonderful cake took 500 kg. mascarpone, 300 liters of strong coffee, 65 kg. sugar, more than 130 kg. eggs, more than 50,000 savoyards (stick-shaped airy cookies that easily absorb coffee and cream). The most important feature of the cake - it does not need to be baked.

Our reporter bravely stood for 4 hours to see a new record.

Our reporter bravely stood for 4 hours to see a new record, photo © Evgeny Utkin

From two o'clock in the afternoon, the Guinness official representative, Lorenzo Veltri, came to commit, if successful, a world record. It was he, who commited the record for the longest pizza in the world in 2015, at the EXPO 2015, in Milan. Lorenzo was a very strict judge. Even when all the “bricks” were laid out, he checked each of them so that everything was smeared with cream, so that the height was not lower than 8 cm, and each had four layers of savoyardi and four layers of cream.

Lorenzo Veltri (to the left) и Mauro Frantellizzi (to the right)

Lorenzo Veltri (to the left) и Mauro Frantellizzi (to the right), photo © Evgeny Utkin

Therefore, even when everything seemed to be ready, a team of 30 pastry chefs improved the appearance of the cake for over an hour ... Then, after carefully measuring the cake, Lorenzo Veltri said that the world record was set and the length of the longest tiramisu now stands at 273.5 meters.

New record is set! video © Evgeny Utkin

So, after about 4 hours of waiting for the cake, everyone was able to try the delicacy. Moreover, it would be enough to feed15 thousand people. There was a little less, because the portions that were given were huge, per pound each. But after 4 hours on feet, a pound of tiramisu was just right to cheer up. Если возникло желание побаловать себя незабываемым сексом, вас определенно поразят привлекательные проститутки Улан-Удэ . Вы можете подбирать индивидуалок по внушительному спектру параметров, включая их телосложение, размер груди, а также район проживания!

After setting the record, everyone could try tiramisu

After setting the record, everyone could try tiramisu, photo © Evgeny Utkin

Those who missed this event may try to make this cake by themselves. Nothing complicated, especially since you can use fantasy and different ingredients.

Evgeny Utkin, Milan, Italy


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