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New Year! — New Kris!

New Year! — New Kris!

Happy New Year 2020, dear readers! Today is December 31, which means the day of the last interview in the outgoing bright 2019. We thought for a long time with whom to do New Year’s interview this season ... And we decided that one of the most talented young musicians in Europe and Asia, Kristian Kostov, besides already familiar to us and our readers, is ideal hero of the New Year’s interview!

The New Year is very close, why not to spend the last hours of 2019 with us, with VLVmag?! We love you very much and wish you the brightest opennings, miracles and inspiration in the new decade!

And now, TeamKris & all our readers, enjoy reading our last (in 2019), very exclusive interview with Kristian Kostov!

- Kristian, how many interesting things have happened in your life since our first meeting in October 2017?

- Hello! It’s frightfull how fast time flies ... Thanks for the question, I remembered many bright moments that I completely forgot about in my daily routine!

- How many releases have already happened in 2019?

- In 2019, the main release was in China, where I spent most of the year! It was an interesting, but also very difficult experience. It seems to me that in the near future it will be difficult to surprise me with the amount of work, because there we really did not sleep because of the business collapse.

- When is the next premiere? How long will your fans wait for the new coolest track?

- Thank you for your kind words, it's really nice! Unfortunately, I still can’t say the exact dates, but I want to talk a bit about what we did during this long “pause” in the releases.

We wrote 2 EP (mini-albums), which we plan to release in 2020. Initially, the release was scheduled for 2019, but plans changed due to the filming of a new clip. This is a completely new round of my music, and I am very grateful to fate and my team for the fact that we found new colleagues who became my family. Recently, I listen only to those songs that we have done, because they describe almost all my inner experiences and joys.

Christian in Changsha, China

Kristian in Changsha, China, photo © kristian_kostov_official

- Clips. Concerts. Fan meeting. How much of this has already happened this season and how much remains to be done in the first half of 2020?

- For 2019, we shot two videos, I can say for sure. By the way, one of them you can already find on the Internet, the song is called “Live It Up”, and the second will be available in early 2020.

As for fan meetings and concerts, it’s difficult to keep it in mind. There were not a few of them, and they took place in different parts of the world, which is very pleasing, but I would like much more! I can't wait to try myself on the tour.

- Your creative team ... Tell us a little about it!

- Although our team is not so large yet, it seems to me that together we can do absolutely everything, because we believe in each other and in our work! I don’t know whose names I can say, but I don’t want to offend anyone, so I won’t list all of them.

I was very lucky that my most important partner is my brother, Daniel Kostov. We may swear or sometimes not hear each other, but I know for sure that I am safe with him and that nothing threatens me. Thanks!

Clip “Live It Up”

- How much free time do you have now? What has changed in your schedule in the current 2019?

- I can’t say that there is no free time, but also I can’t say that it is. Even when the main projects are closed or moved on to the stage where my team and I are not needed, there is always a lot of work to do. Self-development, health, relaxation (you should never forget that rest is necessary for better results in subsequent projects), etc. Also, do not forget about family and friends.

The year 2019 was very hectic in terms of schedule, because everything always happens at the last moment. Each time, the feeling that "it should have been done yesterday", but we are people, not robots, and something to not keep up or make mistakes is normal.

- In your opinion, the best way to manage to do everything that is planned is ...

- As for me, there is no better way to do everything that I planned. But instead of 5 tasks, you can set yourself 10. So you see more from the outside and understand what you really want. To do all the points often does not work out, but even if you have done half of the planned tasks, then praise yourself, it's so great!

Daniel and Christian Kostov

Daniel and Kristian Kostov, photo © daniel_kostov_official

- So you are a sports person? How often do you visit the gym, run around, take walks ...?

- You made me blush, because sport and I don’t get along at all ... This is a serious problem for me. I grew sharply, but at the same time did not gain muscle mass, and this did not have a very good effect on my spine. I walk a lot, because I spend a lot of time in European cities, where everything is close enough, but this is not enough for my health.

- How do you feel about extreme sports?

- My attitude to extreme sports is negative. Do not get me wrong, I am not against them, I just prefer not to do this myself, because I am very clumsy, and often all my adventures end in tears.


#TeamKris, photo © kristian_kostov_official

- Period 2017-2019. The most important events that happened to you over these 2 years are ...

- Eurovision and Singer show in China are perhaps the most important events of my career. But my most important victory is myself. Over the past two years I have learned a lot about myself. Never forget about your morale. Very often, in the pursuit of success, we lose ourselves. Be careful.

- Do you have any favorite “quotes from Great People”? Motto in life?

- I also do not have favorite quotes. The motto too. But I know for sure that nothing brings me so much pleasure as the joy of other people. If I can help someone at least a little, then I will only be glad.

Christian at the Singer show in China

Kristian at the Singer show in China, photo © kristian_kostov_official

- What are the plans for the upcoming New Year holidays? Do you love the New Year and all other winter holidays?

- There are plans, but they are personal, so I can’t share it. New Year for me is the only winter holiday. It so happened, there are no reasons, I just never celebrate others.

- The Perfect New Year of Kristian Kostov! Like what?

- The ideal New Year for me is to spend the whole day surrounded by my family! It always has been, it is, and it will be so, I am sure.

Екатерина Тихонова Екатерина Тихонова

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