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Interview with talented, charming and versatile actress Elizabeth Moryak

Episodes of life 

In an interview, actress Elizabeth Moryak told us about her childhood memories and new projects, about life preferences and motivation ....

It remains only to wish you a pleasant reading and to assure that you will enjoy it and like everything. 

- Lisa, share the most vivid memories of your childhood.

- I remember very well what I liked when my grandmother rolled me on her lap. Maybe it doesn't seems like a vivid memory. But it is first that came to my mind when I remember my childhood.

I stayed often with my grandmother, and when we fell asleep, I watched “bunnies” in the window from passing cars ... My grandmother always got up very early and woke me up. At 06:30, “Teletubbies” were shown on TV, and I was waiting for them, already sitting in an armchair. However, when I got older, after watching, I returned to fill up.

Elizabeth Moryak in childhood

Elizabeth Moryak in childhood, photo © Moryak

- Why did you decide to connect your life with the creative profession? When did you firmly decide that you want to become an actress? Tell us about the first steps in your career, how was it?

- Oh, in my case this is such a shaky question! I am firmly convinced that I love my profession when everything works out for me in the frame and in the work on the role. But when it doesn’t work, every time I want to leave.

As a child, I was engaged in choreography, was a soloist of the ensemble "Fly, Doves!". Later I was fond of ballroom dancing and constantly participated in competitions. If such an experience can be considered the first steps in a career, then these are they. But I did not go to theatrical studies.

- What is your first movie role? Do you consider this job a serious career step? Share the emotions, thoughts that pursued during the first shoot.

- The first shooting experience I had, of course, in an episode. I played the role of a blonde in a full-length picture. The sensations were wonderful - I thought that I could play everything! And these sensations turned out to be false ... When more serious roles took place, I realized that the episode is flowers, there is practically nothing to do. I thought that it would always be so easy ... But it turned out, everything is completely different and much more complicated.

Lisa Moryak on the set of the movie "Artek"

Lisa Moryak on the set of the movie "Artek", photo © Moryak

- You have already played in the films "Moscow, I Endure You", "Serebryany Bor" and others. What do you think is the idea of these films?

- I would not want to talk about these projects, because they have already passed, and passed calmly. I can’t say anything significant about them ... In my opinion, this is just a simulator for the actor, proof that he was busy with something. But I would love to talk about the fact that we made the films "Homeland" and "Artek", and in October two more full-length films will be released with my participation.

- What did these film shootings teach?

- Each time, going to the film shooting, the actor learns, becomes more experienced and professional. He understands something for himself, parses it, due communications with other actors. Personally, I'm wildly buzzing from this, I want to further develop in the profession. I am not a self-confident egoist who thinks that I can do everything. Fortunately, I am a person who is constantly in need of development, and who is very demanding of myself.

It seems to me that the best simulator in the acting profession is access to the set. Of course, there is also a scene if the actor plays in the theater. In my case, this has not happened yet, but I know that everything is still ahead. And now it’s very important to act in film. If the actors do not have such an opportunity, then they must shoot themselves - among students, uniting in groups or somehow differently, but you need to learn how to feel the camera and learn how to play.

Filming Artek

Filming Artek, photo © Moryak

- New films with your participation will be released in the near future. Tell us about the character and life of your heroines. How do you feel about them? What are the memories of shooting these films?

- In those films that will be released in the near future, I played completely different heroines. In the film “Girls Can Be Different”, I became a foreign maid of Dmitry Nagiyev, and this seems to be “my” material. She is burning, beautiful, charming ... and watches everyone.

In the film "Robo" I play a more intelligent and responsible girl. She is an engineer who develops robots. And in the movie "Homeland" I was a pregnant Jewess, and I must admit, this character is special. In the first two scenes, I took the necessary experience from my own life, but I did not have any pregnancy experience yet, and therefore it was especially fun and interesting to disassemble the role. I watched a lot of women, tried to walk like them ... And then one beautiful man told me: "If you want to play pregnant, just don't play her." In general, I think everything turned out cool.

- Why, in your opinion, should people watch these films?

- The film "Girls are different" is a comedy. Those who want to cheer themselves up and laugh heartily must see it for sure! The film "Robo" is a film for the family that talks about family values. And this is also important to see. But the film "Homeland" encourages broader thinking: about family, about friends, about love for the Motherland and that a person does not change ... It touches on a huge number of questions, the answers to which will be interesting to many.

Shot from the film "Homeland"

Shot from the film "Homeland", photo © Moryak

- Is there a character you want to play? If so, what kind of heroine should this be?

- I would like to play a hero with superpowers that would show that human nature is very strong. I’m close to the heroine Gal Gadot in the film Wonder Woman, and I would love to play a character like her myself.

- The main advantages and disadvantages of the actor’s profession are... To succeed in cinema, it’s important to...

- The acting profession is very unstable. At some time, projects can go one after another, and then a half-year break occurs, and this must be clearly understood. Unlike other professions, the actor is in a somewhat suspended state, therefore it is important to distribute his time so that there are no “timebrake”.

The acting profession has a lot of advantages. The actor understands himself, learns, studies, explores the darkest and brightest corners of human consciousness. With each role, he opens some doors that give new knowledge and understanding. As in any profession, in the acting there are many pluses and minuses. But to the patient, I believe, comes success.

Elizabeth Moryak and Dmitry Nagiev

Elizabeth Moryak and Dmitry Nagiev, photo © Moryak

- What are your favorite musical genres, literary works, clothing styles and films?

- I single out Francois Ozon and Robert Zemeckis for myself, and I will not even talk about certain films, because each of the directors has a certain style. From only the last name you can understand what to expect from the film. I named those whose films are famous and very loved by many.

One of my favorite series is My Brilliant Friend, based on a book by Elena Ferrante. It conquered my heart! I also really like Chernobyl, which I watched recently. After it, I began to understand what is radiation, and even began to look for a dosimeter.

As for clothes, a neutral one-color suits me, which emphasizes my personality. I love flared pants, blouses and shirts. I'm not one of those girls who wears miniskirts, because when I put makeup and put on minis and heels, it looks rather strange. In general, I have a very calm style of clothing.

- Describe your perfect day off.

- I’ll fantasize and suppose that for the weekend I can fly somewhere to Italy or France and wake up from the splashing of sea waves ... I’ll drink a glass of champagne, go for a swim on a boat ... My love for the sea is endless! Probably for good reason I have such a surname. Therefore, I think my ideal day off is connected with the coast and my beloved people.

Lisa Moryak on the Santa Monica Pier during the filming of "Homeland"

Lisa Moryak on the Santa Monica Pier during the filming of "Homeland", photo © Moryak

- How much motivation in work and in life do you need? What motivates you to achieve new goals? Who are your main motivators?

- I rephrase and tell you better not about motivation, but about harmony. There are times when you need to go into battle and fight, but there are times when it is important to be alone with yourself and gain strength in order to fight further. This is a lesson that I learned from the experience of my life and the period that I spent in the profession. There are episodes when you feel great power, and vice versa - when you feel tired. These points need to be noticed. It’s important to hear yourself, because when you don’t have the strength, you won’t be able to do anything well anyway.

My main motivators are my competitors. There is a deal of truth in it. For myself, I am also a motivator, but the best thing is, of course, the success of others.

- The creative and life plans of Elizabeth Moryak for 2019 are ...

- The 2019 year is coming to an end, and I can only wait for my premieres and rest on our laurels. Just kidding! In general, this year is special for me. I played big roles in several cool films, because I think that I have already exceeded my plan for 2019.

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