Special Attraction!

Special Attraction!

In the interview, Lana Vlady told us about childhood memories, her first profession, why she decided to connect her life with cinema, about her first roles, the debut successful directorial work of “La Lepre”, the most memorable role, life preferences and the main discovery of recent years.

With pleasure, we are glad to present to your attention our sincere work with Lana! Read and enjoy!

- Lana, share the most vivid memories of your childhood. What were you interested in as a teenager, what were your dreams, how did you see your future? With what do you associate the word "childhood"?

- My childhood is associated with the memories of the summer spent in my grandmother's country house. Jam, garden, swimming in the river and the taste of apples. This is probably a fairly common memory for children born in Russia, but since I lived in Italy since I was six, every moment spent at home remained in my heart with a special warm feeling.

As a teenager I decided to become a stylist. I watched a movie about Coco Chanel and I liked her story so much. But I did not postpone my dreams. My mother always encouraged me to pursue my plan, and not just sit on the couch and dream. She found the nearest professional evening courses of cutting and sewing for me. I was 12 and a half years old, and the average age in the class was 50-60. Everyone was sure that this was a whim and I would soon refuse, but I studied there for 4 years and received a diploma of “fashion seamstress”.

Lana Vlady in childhood

Lana Vlady in childhood, photo © lana_vlady

- Why did you decide to connect your life with the creative profession? When and how did you understand that you want to become an actress?

- It seems to me that this cannot be called a “decision”. This is some kind of vocation or even attraction ... It's just can't be differently in any way! There were moments, I tried to get away from this profession. I graduated in a completely different field and even worked in my specialty, but I was still drawn back. And this was not the most reliable option for my future. It was much more reliable to continue working with precise career growth in a specialty that was already real and promising. Если у вас возникла тяга заняться качественным секс досугом, вас гарантированно заинтригуют топовые индивидуалки Калининграда . Вы можете искать индивидуалок по целому каталогу параметров, включая их габариты, размер бюста, а также адрес! But I could not cope with the inner need to go on a creative path.

- Tell us about your very first serious steps in your career: how was it?

- Fearfully! I treat myself with great self-criticism, and this often interferes. For me it is necessary to reach a state in which confidence in knowledge and abilities appears. I just "plunge into the work" with my head and rely on them. My first feelings at the beginning of my career were like that. Although each new project is a new beginning, a new birth and a great adrenaline rush!

Lana Vlady won Best Actress nomination at Sport Film Festival

Lana Vlady won Best Actress nomination at Sport Film Festival, photo © lana_vlady

- It's no secret that your debut directorial work was the Italian film “La Lepre”, which won the recognition of viewers and the international film industry. What did this film shooting mean to you? Tell us about the atmosphere that was on the set. What memories did the shooting of the film leave for you?

- I wrote this film based on my own experience and biography, and therefore this story was very dear to me. Our budget was very small and I did not quite understand if I could even be a director. But the film crew strongly supported me. They were, at that time, completely unfamiliar to me, new people who believed in me and my ideas and worked for free. During the preparation there were a lot of experiences, but when the work began, all doubts receded. We simply did not have time for them. It was an amazing experience from all points of view. I gained not only new experience, but also new loyal friends, and the film crew stayed with me for the next project that we finished recently.

- What, in your opinion, is the uniqueness and relevance of this film?

- On the one hand, the topic of immigration is a very urgent problem at the moment in all of Europe (and not only). On the other hand, human relationships, friendships, intergenerational relationships, and how they affect our perceptions of life and ourselves. We told all this through the metaphor of sports, or rather the sprint, when each athlete manifests himself and his character during the competition.

From the movie «La Lepre»

From the movie «La Lepre», photo © lana_vlady

- The secret of La Lepre’s success is ...

- Many spectators during the festivals told me that they felt some kind of inner truth in which they recognized themselves. I think this is a great success.

- Over your entire creative career, you have taken part in many European film projects. What, in your opinion, are the most vivid, memorable and important roles? What is their uniqueness?

- Each role is a new experience, a new lesson and move forward. Some of them require a deeper approach. A more difficult and impressive character for me today is the military "Sylvia" in the Italian series "Non Uccidere". The fact is that according to the original scenario, she was a strong and purposeful girl who was ready for anything to succeed in the military profession. But two days before the shooting, everything changed, and the latest version of the script presented her as a fragile and mentally ill heroine, aimed at fulfilling her dream, but not able to do it. Because of this, she goes to the crime, and then she tries to commit suicide and eventually ends up in psychiatric hospital.

There was practically no time for preparation, and I was already tuned to a different type of character, strong and proud, so I did not initially accept a new image because of her weakness. And then I felt her and fell madly in love. I needed to understand her point of pain and give her the opportunity to show strength in her own weakness. It was a very strong experience, which left a vivid feeling in me and taught me to serve the text contrary to my prejudices.

TV Shooting of "Non Uccidere"

TV Shooting of "Non Uccidere", photo © RAI

- What films with your participation would you recommend to watch first of all? Why exactly these films?

- Despite the fact that I have a rather small role in this film, I highly recommend watching the film “Martin Eden” by the wonderful director Pietro Marcello. It will be presented at the Venetian festival in September this year, and in my opinion it’s just a masterpiece that is rarely seen in our time. Also the film "The imperfect age" by Ulisse Lendaro.

- Tell us a little about upcoming projects with your participation.

- Now we are shooting the Spanish series “Dime Quien Soy” based on the bestseller of Julia Navarro. This is a very interesting project, passing through all stages of world history of the twentieth century. Despite the fact that the main film crew is from Spain, the cast includes people from different countries, and the acting switches from Spanish to English, French and Russian. My heroine appears in history in 1938, in Moscow, where every word or movement can be fatal.

Shooting of film «Scappo a Casa», Lana Vlady and Aldo Boglio

Shooting of film «Scappo a Casa», Lana Vlady and Aldo Boglio, photo © lana_vlady

- If not actress, then?

- Film director! But one does not interfere with the other, and I try to work in both directions.

- What are your favorite places to travel, sports, literary works and clothing brands?

- Despite the fact that I have been living in Italy for many years, I do not stop discovering something new and interesting! For example, Tuscany - the area in which I grew up - is an endless surprise and a source of culture, history, feelings and emotions. This is a place for soul and body, where you can be alone or in a huge company of a traditional holiday, like the Palio in the city of Siena. You can retire with friends in the village or relax on the sea. Or arrange a gastronomic tour ... Therefore, choosing a trip for a couple of days, Italy has something to offer. In general, I really like traveling, and any new place for me is tempting and attractive with its culture and new discoveries.

As for sports, this is undoubtedly horse riding! Words cannot describe how much I adore it. But this is not just a sport, most likely, a passion! I, in principle, am a fairly athletic person. I am engaged in swimming and like to play volleyball ... To prepare for the film, I seriously approached athletics.

I loved classics very much as a teenager, and recently I like to read biographies. In clothes, I prefer comfort, refined simplicity and harmony. I don’t get hung up on brands, but if I choose, I prefer Giorgio Armani.

Lana Vlady shoots her second short film

Lana Vlady shoots her second short film, photo © lana_vlady

- The main discoveries in your life over the past couple of years are ...

- A person is really capable of anything. You just have to really want and work hard.

- The main creative and life plans of Lana Vlady for the remainder of this year are ...

- In addition to projects with my participation as an actress, I develop the film director's story.


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