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Open Opera Project, Alex Doll and M.Micallef invite to a concert, an exclusive master class and a perfume presentation.

"Flowers Fest" in Moscow

Open Opera Project, Alex Doll and M.Micallef invite all to the oldest and most beautiful botanical garden in Russia, Aptekarsky Garden of Moscow University. An enchanting “Flowers Fest” will take place here, on the evening of October 26, Friday. 

In the program of the evening will be the performance of the enchanting duo Open Opera Project, they will sing their own hymns to the beauty and fragility of flowers. Soprano M. Gridneva and baritone V. Makarenko have conquered the sophisticated opera connoisseurs far beyond the borders of Russia. At the upcoming concert, artists will perform world's music hits with which they broke ovations in France, in Italy and in many other countries.

Guests of the evening will enjoy the soulful performance of the “Aria of Mr. X” and the Violetta part from “La Traviata”, the virtuoso plexus of voices in the duet “Figaro and Rosina” and many other musical works. Performed in French, Italian, Russian, German, all songs are combined with a bright emotional range and the theme of love. A. Sokolov will accompany vocalists on the piano.

(From left to right) Alex Doll, Martin Micallef and duo Open Opera Project

 (From left to right) Alex Dol, Martin Micallef and duo Open Opera Project, photo © A.Doll

Creativity of Alex Doll is largely devoted to the theme of flowers. A young, but unusually talented artist, created a whole author's project called “Flowers. Impression". An unusual approach to art allowed him to combine painting with music and choreography. The project is a unique collection of works created from a whole series of stylistically decorated flowers.

Here they are not only on the paintings, but on sculptures, on mannequin from the Swiss Fashion Week in Switzerland with the support of the Kodra Swiss Foundation, a Swiss chalet from the Museum Swissminiatur and many other objects, which were transformed from simple and ordinary objects into real art works. This project is a completely different world filled with harmony, in which emotions bloom infinitely beautifully. Here, the flower symbolizes the fragility of everything  material and makes us think about the fact that the world is fragile and needs to be treated with care.

Alex Doll has created a whole author's project “Flowers. Impression"Alex Doll (left) and Swiss chalet from the Museum Swissminiatur (right), photo © A.Doll

The project of Alex Doll & M. Micallef is the brightest creative collaboration of the current year in contemporary art. This is a truly unique tandem, which led to the limited edition of the tender, floral and enchanting fragrance Ananda. This perfume is a real pearl of M. Micallef's rich collection. Its name translates from Hindi as “absolute bliss” and, perhaps, it was difficult to come up with a more capacious word for this sophisticated aroma bouquet. 

Ananda - a real gem of M. Micallef's rich collection

Ananda - a real gem of M. Micallef's rich collection, photo © parfumsmicallef

This perfume is a real personification of femininity and refinement, it is hypnotic and attractive, its notes are balanced and harmonious. A limited version of the perfume is presented in an exclusively designed bottle that has become the perfect reflection of its philosophy. The recognizable floral print of Alex Doll seems to have made the final touch, completing the image of the fragrance.

Of course, it was difficult to find a better place for presentation than the tropical paradise of the botanical garden, which is immersed in blooming magnolia and azaleas. Here, the version of the perfume will be presented by Martina Micallef herself. Alex Doll will be the entertainer of the upcoming event.

Martin Micallef (left) and Alex Doll (right)

Martin Micallef (left) and Alex Doll (right), photo © parfumsmicallef 

A separate surprise for the guests of the presentation will be a video performance by A. Abdukarimov, an artist of the State Ballet of Berlin. His body, painted with floral patterns in Doll's recognizable style, with his dance will try to express the entire delightful palette of flower emotions.

Also, the guests of the evening will have a unique opportunity to learn how to paint perfume bottles by passing a master class from Alex Doll himself. The works of the painter presented on the project are recognized by connoisseurs and critics both in the author’s homeland and in European countries. Alex is a master whose painting is extremely popular in the circles of picky collectors of Europe and connoisseurs of modern art.

Ekaterina Tikhonova, Russia, Moscow


"Flower Fest" will begin at 20:00 on October 26, 2018 in the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University.

A single entrance ticket also provides an opportunity to visit all exhibitions and expositions of the botanical garden.

Tickets are already on sale!