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Interview with the talented Dutch singer Alex Simons

Better that Siemens - only Alex Simons

A romantic hero, an artist with a capital letter, a performer of his own tracks and a public's favorite - Alex Simons gave an exclusive interview to our magazine.


- Alex, tell us about your childhood hobbies and dreams. What did you want to become when you grow up?  When did you realize that music is yours destiny?

- There were many hobbies and dreams in childhood. I was engaged in hockey on the grass, football, swimming and tennis. I loved building castles from Play Mobile, played battles with knights. Soon this game grew into a dream to become one of them, a hero. Then I wanted to be a musketeer, and later - Zorro. I ran around the house wearing a cloak and a mask with a saber in my hands and I fought bad characters, defending justice. My domestic people usually became victims, and so, seeing my excitement, they tried to quietly disappear from my field of vision. But this is understandable, because I got them with my "jumps" and battles for the truth.

Later, when I was older, I wanted to become a policeman, a fireman, a pilot ... And all in order to save people and be a hero. As long as I remember myself, I was always in some kind of image, and therefore it's no wonder that already in 16 years I fell in love with acting.

Simons fell in love with acting than he was 16 years old

Simons fell in love with acting than he was 16 years old, photo © Simons

And music has always been the natural background of my childhood, our house has lived by it. I remember, about three years old, I was very fond of watching Russian cartoons that my parents' friends brought to Holland. Some of my favorite characters were Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka - I knew by heart all their song repertoire! Once I even ordered an accordion for myself and all day long yelled "birthday only once a year" and "blue carriage...". At first everyone admired and laughed, and then did not know where to get away from it. Apparently, even then I was eager to win the audience.

Now I remember the episode when my parents took me to Paris, and I took my favorite accordion with me - without it I refused to go anywhere. And so, we were sitting in a street Parisian cafe, and I started to play next to the table. And I did it with such a serious face that passers-by thought that I was earning a piece of bread and began to give me money. All visitors to the cafe just died of laughter, and my parents were so ashamed. You understand ... a nice, clean and well-dressed child is panhandling. That's how I started to love music and the stage.

- Alex, the season of secular parties has opened: many artists arrange presentations of clips and songs, and what's new with you?

- The new very quickly turns into the present - the current action. I work with the team on a very, very mesmerizing clip, and a super video idea for my new song. It is about, of course, deep feelings - about love. Everything new is a well-forgotten old. In our world, the main thing is to look deeply at the depths, and to find your own vision of old stories. In general, there will be intrigue. And I can not reveal the secret anymore. I promise, this will not be a trivial story. Plus, I have a new concert show: I changed the style in general. It became more European, I think.

Alex Simons took part in a master class for the newspaper Ginza News

Alex Simons took part in a master class for the newspaper Ginza News, photo © Simons

- Tell us about your new video, which will be released very soon?

-  I can not share internal working information yet. I'm in the process of preparing. Obviously, there will be a game of great emotions. And then - have patience, when the clip will come out - then you will see. I think it makes no sense to tell you my point of view. I shoot the video for the audience. So let them take it through their own prism. In general, I do not understand the artists who tell all about the clips. And yet so meticulous. This is strange. Look at the finished product, then discuss it!

- Have you tried to direct your own videos? Or do you completely rely on professional clipmakers?

- I can not be everywhere at once. I'm an artist first. Everyone is engaged in his own business. Perhaps, when I get enough experience, I'll take on the direction. I have guys who do everything, and they always do it well. I believe that if you do not have enough knowledge or skills in one area or another, it is better to delegate authority.

Alex on Standard party

Alex on Standard party, photo © Simons

- Tell us about your creative team: how many people, who are they?

- I have a wonderful team with a magic number of eight, which includes all the necessary positions from my manager and PR director, designer and media coordinator to my own TV/operator, photographer. This is a very talented and young team of bright ambitious people. The guys are ready to conquer the whole world with me. Absolutely my people: responsible and present with full dedication, twenty-four hours and seven days a week, if necessary. They love our common business and this is the main thing. Not everything is measured by monetary standards - they fully prove it.

- Do you follow the world fashion weeks? Maybe even visit some shows?

- Honestly, I do not watch much. I'm not very interested in it. For this, I have my incomparable PR man - Anton Bogoslavsky. He directs me and informs me in these cases. And I am completely devoted to the service of music. That's for novelties in this area, I certainly keep a close eye on. I monitor the western market, I follow the Russian colleagues on the stage. The artist must first of all keep a close eye in the music, and only then follow the fashionable collections.

Alex launched his own clothing brand ArtistS

Alex launched his own clothing brand ArtistS, photo © Simons

- What kind of girls do you like, I mean the type of appearance?

- I do not look at the appearance, I try to look in depth, because the appearance very often is deceptive. I do not know why it is so arranged that stunning beauties turn out to be completely unattractive from the point of view of inner beauty. It's strange. So for me, only the qualities of my potential lover character are important. Although, of course it's always nice to have a girlfriend from the show "Victoria's Secret", but usually it's not for long. But everything is not that sad as I described. There is the most perfect combination of inner and outer beauty. I'm not against fighting for such a person (smiles).

- Advise our readers some daily simple rituals in order to be happy.

- I do not have ready-made recipes - everyone has his own. For me - vocal, and for other, probably, culinary or yogic/metaphysical. The main thing is, let the joy come from within. It all depends on your thoughts. Cultivate in your head a sense of celebration. At first, it can be difficult, but then the state of joy will become a habit and become your constant state. Above all, do not forget to always remain a human!

Ekaterina "EK_T_", Russia, Moscow 

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