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How to choose high-quality and safe saucepan?

Pots are different

Buying dishes, each hostess is guided by their own principles. Someone needs a beautiful, someone - practical, others prefer more expensive, the third - only with discount. Meanwhile, functionality, price and appearance are not the main selection criteria. The decisive role in the purchase should be played by the quality and its relevance to the intended purpose.

Modern mistress have more then one pan in the kitchen. For the microwave, you need one dish, for the oven - another, for cooking on the stove and storing in the fridge - there is still a whole set. And it is important not to confuse, so that the food will be delicious, and the kitchenware itself served for a long time. In addition, food cooked in a low-quality frying pan, is a real health hazard, bthat is why the choice of dishes is a responsible and painstaking process.

Each pot has its own purpose.

Each pot has its own purpose, photo WEB

There are several types of kitchen utensils designed for products heat treatment: stainless steel, ceramic, aluminum, heat-resistant glass, cast iron, as well as enamelware and teflon-coated. Each type has the right to exist, but only in conditions of proper use.

Most housewives choose stainless steel utensils. It is lighter when cast iron or glass. Its inner surface is almost impossible to damage, unlike enameled or aluminum. It does not crash like glass and ceramic, and serves for a long time. Cook in such dishes mainly on the stove, but you can put it in the oven, if it does not have plastic elements.

Most often choose stainless steel pots

Most often choose stainless steel pots, photo WEB

Glass and ceramics dishes are the second most popular. It is elegant and does not contain harmful impurities, the products in such braziers and pans are excellently languishing, do not burn and retain the maximum of useful properties. Use similar dishes for cooking in the oven and microwave, but it can not be put on the hob without a special divider - it can crack. Glass and ceramics have one more feature - a very impressive weight. For the fragile hostess, it can be a decisive factor not in favor of dishes made from such material.

Next in the TOP - enamelware. It is bright, relatively cheap and completely safe, but only until the enamel maintains integrity. Cook in such dishes usually on the stove, but it is permissible to use it in the oven. Only consider that it does not like temperature extremes. But you can safely store cooked food in it for as long as you like.

Food cooked in ceramic dishes is like from the stove

Food cooked in ceramic dishes is like from the stove, photo WEB

Another option is cast iron. And this is a great selection of kitchen utensils, it will serve for ages. It is durable, safe, not afraid of damage and heat. In a cast iron pan, the most delicious food is cooked, baked and fried. However, it is so heavy that young housewives rarely prefer it to others that are lighter and more beautiful.

But Teflon is becoming obsolete nowdays. Pans with such coating are not recommended to be used actively for more than a year - even a few layers of Teflon "peel off" over time, after which it is better to throw the pan off.

Food can be stored for a long time in an enamel saucepan

Food can be stored for a long time in an enamel saucepan, photo WEB

Having made a choice in favor of aluminum or stainless steel utensils, look at the thickness of its walls and bottom - the thicker the better. And let the aluminum pan be valued precisely for its lightness, its bottom should still be no thinner than 3 mm, and the walls - 2 mm. Enamelware also differs in the thickness of the enamel, and it is better not to take covered unevenly. Refuse to buy pans, the inner surface of which is painted in red, yellow and brown.

Choosing a pan, evaluate the quality of the handles and the material from which they are made. Plastic in this respect is not the best solution. If the handles are not removable, this dish can not be used for cooking in the oven. Yes, and when heated on the stove, they can emit an unpleasant smell. The handles made of metal should be tightly soldered, but better - screwed. Their reel is unacceptable. Ideal - solid handles from the same material as the pan itself.

In cast iron there is one drawback - it weighs a lot

In cast iron there is one drawback - it weighs a lot, photo WEB

Before buying a new dish, check out the old one. Get rid of the one that has cracks. It is dangerous to cook and eat food in that pans. Refuse to use soucepans with a deformed bottom and loosely fitting lids - the products in them heat up unevenly, which is why they often burn or cook longer, losing useful properties. These nuances are very important.

Another category of kitchen utensils, which is better to say goodbye - the old aluminum. It is better to replace it with another, stronger and safer materials. In general, it is possible to use new aluminum pans, if you do not scratch their inner surface and do not cook sour dishes in them.

Choose the dishes wisely, cook with benefit and be healthy!

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow