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European Fencing Championship 2019

European Fencing Championship 2019

The finished championship has become the 32nd since its inception. For six days, the athletes played a dozen sets of medals - in the individual and team competitions, women and men proved their skills in fencing with swords, rapiers and sabers.

The championship began in Düsseldorf on June 17 and ended with the victory of the Russian team - nine medals in the overall standings, four of them are gold.

Russian women's saber fencing team

Russian women's saber fencing team, photo WEB

Fencing is the art of possession of combat edged weapons, and dates back to ancient Greece, where children were taught to fence, as soon as they were five years old. This direction of battle was developed in ancient Rome, and later in the whole of Europe. The very first of the famous fencing folio created, most likely, in Germany at the end of the XIII century, and on its pages describes the principles of the battle with swords. Today, this type of fencing belongs to the historical, and in sports there are competitions on rapiers, swords, sabers, walking sticks and carbines. The first three are Olympic sports, and their rules have changed little over the last hundred years. The goal of the fight is to prick an opponent, while avoiding the pierce itself. The winner is an athlete who struck the enemy with a given number of shots.

This sport got into the grid of the Olympic Games in 1900, and 21 years later the first European Championship was held in Paris. For 70 years, the history of the European Championship was full of difficulties and gaps, but then the European Confederation of Fencing was formed, which took over the organization of tournaments in 1991. Since then, the European Fencing Championship has been held annually, and today its absolute champion in the number of medals is Russia - it has 210 sets of awards, 76 of which are gold. The second place in the ranking is taken by the Italian team, and the third belongs to France. However, at the European Fencing Championship 2019, the French changed places with the Italians, which, however, did not change the position of countries in the overall ranking.

Russia is the absolute fencing champion.

Russia is the absolute champion in fencing, photo WEB

The past tournament brought to the Russian team the second victory in a row in the overall standings and the 13th since the inception of the European competitions. This year, Veniamin Reshetnikov presented the country with a medal of the highest dignity, and a team of male swordmen and women's rapier and saber fencing teams produced one gold set for Russia. Silver was hanged on the neck of the rapier Inna Deriglazova, as well as Kamil Ibrahimov, and the team of swordwomen.

Thus, the Ukrainian saber fencer, five-time world champion and eight-time European champion Olga Harlan broke the record for the number of titles obtained in individual competitions. A swordsman from Israel Yuval Shalom Freilich became the real star of his homeland this year, bringing her the first gold award of the European Championship. So Israel from the last place in the ranking briskly stepped into the top 20. Another bright debut occurred in male swordworkers from Denmark - the team brought the country the first medal, and moreover a silver one.

Veniamin Reshetnikov

Veniamin Reshetnikov, photo WEB

The next tournament that awaits fencers is the World Championship 2019 held under the auspices of the International Fencing Federation. The competition will start in Budapest on July 15 and will last nine days, during which 12 sets of medals will be awarded in the same disciplines as in the European Championship. It should be noted that Russia keeps the first line in the ranking of this tournament.

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow