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Europa League Final. Chelsea vs. Arsenal - 4: 1

Football. Europa League 2019

The 48th draw of the annual club tournament in European football was held on Wednesday, May 29, 2019. The final match of the UEFA Europa League season 2018/19, where met Chelsea with Arsenal, was held in Baku at the Olympic Stadium. The confrontation between the two English clubs might have seemed boring, but the real fight began in the 49th minute ... Omitting the details, we state a fact: the results of the 2019 European Football League are 4: 1 in favor of Chelsea.

The history of the tournament, which is the second largest after the Champions League, begins in 1971. Today, the undisputed leader in the number of won matches is the Spanish club Sevilla, who scored five victories in the final and not having a single defeat. The champion of this season before the last match had only one win in 2013. Then the British beat the Portuguese club Benfica with a score of 2: 1. By the way, Benfica is one of the five clubs that most often lose in the final. Now Arsenal has joined these unfortunates.

Chelsea have won EL 2019

Chelsea have won EL 2019, photo © europaleague

At the beginning of the season, to predict the results of the 2019 Europa League football matches was not easy. 215 teams that took part in the League draw, 32 went into the playoffs. After all matches that took place from mid-December last year to April this year, the English, Spaniards and Germans reached the semi-finals. In the semifinal games, which took place on May 2 and 9, Eintracht met with Chelsea and Arsenal with Valencia. It is noteworthy that Arsenal scored 7 goals to the opponents in the ½ final! According to the results of the past matches of the Europa League, this season only Dynamo Kiev missed more goals. However, on this, it seems, the “arsenal” fuse was exhausted - it was clearly not enough for the final.

The results of football matches of the UEFA Europa League 2019 disappointed many fans - two top clubs in the final game leave no intrigue. The past finale has already been called the worst in the history of the LE - useless and boring. Over the past 10 years, only one final match was without the Spaniards or the Portuguese, and one of these hot machos was clearly not enough in the last game.

Arsenal and Chelsea met in the final

Arsenal and Chelsea met in the final, photo © europaleague

Sluggish confrontation without a single goal stretched for almost 50 minutes. It seemed that the players had the only strategy - not to let the ball into their own gate. “The exchange of courtesies” made the fans bored for almost an hour. However, those who were not euthanized by the absence of some result at the first half of the final game, in the second part of it was a surprise. At the 49th minute, Giroud scored the first goal and he became the top scorer of the EL with 11 goals scored. Score 1: 0 - finally soaked!

Unexpected goal confused Arsenal, which opened, not taking into account the superiority of the attackers in speed. The result was not long in coming: the 60th minute, and Rodriguez scored a double - 2: 0. The 65th and 72nd minutes were stellar for Azar - in the Europa League it turned out to be his first goals. Between them, Alex Iwobi's goal flashed timidly at 69 minutes, but he did not save Arsenal, although he saved the team from being disgraced to run dry.

Olivier Giroud became the top scorer of the Europa League

Olivier Giroud became the top scorer of the Europa League, photo © europaleague

About the results of the Europa League 2019 games are unlikely to say a lot - the final match was inexpressive. But half-empty stands and the venue of the tournament itself are discussed by fans very emotionally. The British complain more than anyone else - it was impossible to get directly to Baku, and with transfers it was fabulously expensive ...

One way or another, the standoff is over. The Europa League 2019 came out resonant, the results of which determined the first contender for the best club of the season. Now the winner of the EL final match will play with the Champions League for the title of the UEFA Super Cup 2019. Chelsea will also qualify for the next Champions League group stage. The winner of the Champions League will be determined on June 1 - the match between the English Liverpool and the English Tottenham Hotspur will be held in Madrid at the Metropolitan stadium. The fight for the Super Cup will unfold on August 14 in Istanbul. Who will win? Of course, England!

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow