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"GreenHope" – More than a fund...

Sports against cancer!

The GreenHope Foundation was established in 2011, Switzerland. The main goal is to organize leisure activities for children with cancer. The charitable organization operates under the motto "Sport against Cancer!" Moreover, among other things, supports young athletes.

The co-founder and president of the Foundation Luca Cereghetti told us about the activities of GreenHope and the importance of its mission.

Tell us the story of your foundation. Who came up with the idea of establishing such an organization?

GreenHope was created by me (Luca Cereghetti - current chairperson of the Foundation Council) and Claudio Andenmatten. The Foundation's history began in 2011, and the motivation for its creation was the family tragedy, which took the life one of our close people.

We formed clearer strategy by 2015 and the motto "Sport against Cancer!" was born. Today, we set a goal to organize leisure for children with cancer, and for their families. For this, we unite sports communities, support young talented athletes, providing them with financial support. We are trying to strengthen the connection between charity and sport. The combination of these two dimensions creates the basis for a project that lives and grows thanks to the contributions of volunteers and the community.

Luca Cereghetti (left) и representative of the Swiss National Rugby Association Sevens

Luca Cereghetti (left) и representative of the Swiss National Rugby Association Sevens, photo ©

— Tell us, with whom did you cooperate at the very beginning? How it was? With whom do you mostly work now (athletes, teams, companies ...)? To become a part of GreenHope, you need to ...

Inspired by our motto, many athletes and teams cooperate with us. We have many sponsors, who gradually took over all the expenses of the Foundation. Thanks to them, today we have the opportunity to direct 100% of private donations in favor of sports and charity.

We have enough experience in hockey at the level of GreenMatch and recently organized one basketball game. In addition, the official football charity game GreenMatch "Lugano - Lausanne", which will be held on May 10, will be the first football in the world.

Every athlete and any person can join us. You can contribute by participating in our events, buying something in our store or simply sharing your own experience.

Any person can join the fund

Any person can join the fund, photo ©

— Is your company sportive or, rather, ecological?

We are exclusively a charitable sports organization, acting in favor of the needy. In our case, these are sick children and promising sportsmen, united by us in a very specific mix. We consider sports as an excellent tool for conveying a message about non-indifference to someone else's grief.

— What distinguishes GreenHope from other similar organizations?

It's hard to say ... I think that our fund differs from others in the degree of openness for all people and closeness to our community.

GreenHope is exclusively sports charitable organization

GreenHope is exclusively sports charitable organization, photo ©

— What is the most unusual event that your foundation organized for the whole history of its existence? What events under the aegis of "GreenHope" will take place in the near future?

We still have to get to the most important event. This will be a top event, over which we have been working for several months. We have planned it for 2019, but for now, we are conducting a live poll, in which everyone can participate. Including Russia.

As for the already carried out and other planned activities, you can find information in our blog Our cooperation is very versatile and ranges from organizing charity games «Lugano Tigers» to joint projects with the University of Oxford and Cambridge.

GreenHope often organizes charity games with Lugano Tigers

GreenHope often organizes charity games with Lugano Tigers, photo ©

Among the upcoming events, I can mention the GreenHope Day in San Bernardino, which will be held on July 8, 2018, also - Posson partecipare tutti. Information will be on the website in the near future.

GreenHope Day 2017

GreenHope Day 2017, photo ©

The nearest event with participation of the Greenhope Foundation will be held on May 10, 2018. There will be a football match between the teams "Lausanne-Sport" and "Lugano" on this day in Lugano. The players of the latter will wear special green shirts, in order to promote the goals and objectives of the charitable foundation.

The match will be attended by GreenHope volunteers who will sell gadgets and collect donations to support the fund's activities. Shirts, in which the players will play the match, will be auctioned on the following days on the website Part of the proceeds from this day and the sale of shirts will go to the youth sector of FC Lugano.

Cooperation between GreenHope and FC "Lugano" began in the summer of 2017. The football club immediately found in the Fund a serious and reliable partner. A series of charitable initiatives are now planned for the next few years. The result of a short cooperation was the appearance of the Fund's logo on the back of players shirts in the group stage of the UEFA Europa League.

Next Thursday, on May 10, fans will have two reasons to come to the stadium: support the ideas of the Greenhope Foundation and cheer for FC "Lugano" in a very important battle for the preservation of a place in the highest category. On the occasion, FC "Lugano" invites all the fans to take part in the action and support the "green" in the stadium.

Forza Lugano!!!


Football match FC "Lugano" - "FC Lausanne-Sport" with the support of GreenHope will be held on May 10 at 16:00 local time

You can buy tickets and find more information on the official website of FC LUGANO!!!

Ekaterina Tikhonova, Switzerland, Lugano Екатерина Тихонова

Екатерина Тихонова