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Who are they, volunteers of the 2018 World Cup?

With love to football and Russia

Preparations for the main football event of 2018 reached the home stretch - less than 100 days left before the start of the World Cup. This time, for the first time in history, the honor of taking the World Cup fell to Russia. The stages of the competition will be held in eleven Russian cities between June 14 and July 15.

The tremendous preparatory work is boiling in various fields and it is difficult to imagine what would be the cost of this event to the country, if there were no help from volunteers. The volunteer program amazes with its scale - more than 15 thousand people will take part in the organization of the World Cup on a voluntary basis.

Results of the Campaign for the Volunteers Selection at the World Cup 2018

Results of the Campaign for the Volunteers Selection at the World Cup 2018, photo © #Волонтёры2018

At the moment, the selection has already been completed and the volunteers have started their duties. The organizing committee "Russia-2018" presents truly impressive figures - more than 170 thousand people of different ages and nationalities turned out to become volunteers.

Basically, these are young people under 30, but there were requests from those far beyond 50 years. It is noteworthy that almost 70% of volunteers are women, and almost every third questionnaire was filed by foreigners from 190 countries.

In general, volunteers are young people under 30 years old

In general, volunteers are young people under 30 years old, photo WEB

Special requirements to the candidates were not presented. Major - age over 18 years, sociability, responsibility and knowledge of English. Knowledge of other languages and work experience in the volunteer movement became an additional bonus in the decision to approve the nominated candidature. In some areas, people with special education were required - medical, engineering, and linguistic.

In total, volunteers were invited to participate in twenty functional areas. So, the volunteers will help the organizers of the World Championship in providing guests and participants with transportation, catering, information support, communications, medical care and many others. From the very arrival to the airport and to its place in the stadium, every guest of the host country will be provided with everything necessary for a comfortable stay at the Championship.

The valunteers training for the tournament has already begun

The valunteers training for the tournament has already begun, photo © #Волонтёры2018

Largely due to the work of volunteers, the proper level of the event will be provided and the opinion of the world public about our country is formed. Therefore, to underestimate the contribution of volunteers to the organization of the Championship is simply lightheaded! But what will get the assistantsfor their contribution? Of course, an invaluable experience in a team of professionals, the opportunity to make new acquaintances, participate in special training and plunge into the language environment.

And the awareness of involvement in one big, common cause can not be compared to any material reward! However, a pleasant bonus in the possibility of free travel and food on shift days is also provided by the organizers. By the way, the unique equipment of the volunteer and special souvenirs will make happy for a long time.

Unique equipment of the volunteer will please for a long time

Unique equipment of the volunteer will please for a long time, photo WEB

No major sport event in the world can do without the participation of volunteers. Being a volunteer in any country of the world is honorable and interesting. The volunteer movement only grows in Russia. Huge quantity of the submitted requests from all 85 subjects of the Russian Federation is an excellent indicator of public level responsibility for forthcoming action and cares of country appearance under an estimating sight of other states.

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow

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