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Modern hobbies as a lifestyle

Modern hobbies as lifestyle

The ever-changing conditions of people’s lives and surrounding influence all the human activities, including the leisure time. New previously unheard things are coming into fashion, and novel hobby varieties are on the rise.

In the 21st century there’s place for both calm and active hobbies. The first group includes: soap making, decoupage, knitting, felting, drawing, cooking, creation of chocolate figurines, patchwork, etc. 

Patchwork ― an article is composed of different cuts of fabricPatchwork ― an article is composed of different cuts of fabric, photo WEB

The second group is generally represented by the sports or extreme activities: parkour, fitness, roofing, digging, jogging, traveling, etc.

When describing these activities, it’s worth saying that they are characteristic for the female part of humanity. By their nature, women are calmer and they chose hobbies accordingly.

Soap making as a hobby is essentially manufacturing soap and similar products at home. The process of creating something with your own hands is captivating by itself, while the ingredients are also interesting. As a result we get multicolored soap figurines.

Soap making is a process of manufacturing soap at home

Soap making is a process of manufacturing soap at home, photo WEB

Drawing is still relevant nowadays. Both amateurs and professionals are eager to learn new techniques. The most popular genres are caricature and portrait. Most people go into it for money: they draw people from social media photos, thus creating unique portraits, which bear astounding resemblance with the original.

Decoupage is decorating various objects by applying drawings and patterns with subsequent varnishing to make the result last. The decoupage possibilities are limitless: you can decorate old furniture or create something new.

Decoupage is decorating various objects and thingsDecoupage is decorating various objects and things, photo WEB

Since the dawn of times women have been doing needlework. This trend is still relevant today. One of the popular approaches is patchwork – making pillows, blankets and other similar things from cloth sheets of varying size, shape and style. A subcategory of patchwork blankets is bombon (cloth squares are filled with hollowfiber and get sewn together).

Another needlework trend is felting ― making things from wool. The special technique allows to create dense woolen material and shape it accordingly. As a result: soft toys, beads, decorative flowers, scarves, etc.

Felting - making things from wool

Felting - making things from wool, photo WEB

Such activity as traveling is becoming more and more popular. TV channels show lots of programs about journeying to other cities and countries. Many people choose it as their lifestyle.

For years they haven’t stayed in a single place for long. People keen on traveling expand their mental outlook with every visited country; they meet new people, cultures and lifestyles. This hobby isn’t only about having a rest, it also makes you more knowledgeable.

Among other hobbies, no less active than traveling, is fitness or gym workouts. Everyone takes up sports: men and women alike. In order to make their bodies ideal, these people spend hours at various training devices. An interesting fact: those who take it up as their hobby are willing to do sports all day round; it brings them genuine pleasure. 

One of the active, extreme and even dangerous activities is industrial tourism. It comprises roofing and digging. The first one is about exploring the surroundings by visiting roofs and high buildings. The second one is exploration of abandoned facilities.

Anastasia Slavnaya, Moscow, Russia