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How to save eyesight: tips and useful exercises

Gymnastics for the eyes

Electronic devices gave us access to an unlimited amount of information and, at the same time, ophthalmologists were gilded - experts say that from year to year more and more children need glasses to preserve their vision. Adults are the same. In order not to wear “second eyes” ahead of time and to protect their own health, it is worthwhile to perform daily exercises to improve vision.

Eye gymnastics was created long before the advent of computers. Special yoga techniques for eyes relaxing and training were used for several centuries ago. They were sure that these parts need full rest and regular exercise, and only a competent balance of these two states is able to provide visual acuity until old age. Today, doctors know about the structure of the eye and its functions much more than yogis, but this knowledge only confirmed the assumptions of the ancients.

Eye structure

Eye structure, photo WEB

Around the eyeball of a person are three pairs of muscles, which, like any other, require training. Exercises for vision are not time consuming and very simple, but they give great benefit. The main task of such gymnastics is to relieve fatigue, activate blood circulation in the visual apparatus, remove the feeling of dryness in the eyes and preserve visual acuity. Special training is useful not only to those who already have certain problems or wear glasses, but in general to all people of any age.

Simple exercises for vision correction are also excellent prevention of eye diseases. They are recommended to be carried out both to kids and adults at least a couple of times during the day. It is best to start the morning and end the day with this kind of charge, and those who work at the computer, read a lot or otherwise strain their eyes excessively, it is advisable to give visual gymnastics at least five minutes once an hour.

Simple exercises for eyes

Simple exercises for eyes, photo WEB

Today, there are many methods that promise complete restoration of vision through a set of exercises for the eyes. It should be borne in mind that serious pathologies cannot be corrected on their own in this way. Most often, you still need to pick up glasses or lenses, or even go to the operating table. However, a competent ophthalmologist will always offer effective exercises for the eyes to improve vision in myopia and hyperopia, which will perfectly complement the main complex of therapy and help to avoid deterioration in the future.

In order to prevent diseases and to relieve fatigue, everyone can do simple exercises that restore vision. Begin training with a pleasant - give your eyes a rest, doing the so-called palming. For this, warm palms are applied to the face so that no light penetrates between the fingers. Having closed eyelids, provide double protection of eyes against any irritants and so have a rest within several minutes.


Palming, photo WEB

Then you can perform a light massage, slightly pressing the pads of three fingers on the closed eyelids - this will improve blood circulation in the vessels. After that, the eyes are ready for the exercises for restoring vision, which are excellent with myopia and hyperopia. The rules for their implementation is better to discussed with your doctor. If the goal of gymnastics is simply to relieve fatigue and maintain the health of the visual apparatus, then you can perform movements with your eyes to the sides, draw gaze of "eight" and circles clockwise and then counterclockwise. An exercise is considered to be very useful when the eye is focused alternately on a distant object outside the window, and then on an imaginary point in front of itself on the window.

Such exercises for vision can be done both for children and adults. Usually start with small, gradually increasing the load. You should not do too many repetitions, 2 - 3 approaches are enough. In between the specialists recommend blinking quickly, relieving fatigue.

Exercises for the eyes at work

Exercises for the eyes at work, photo WEB

Like any gymnastics, exercises for vision restoring are effective only with regular and proper performance over a long period. And, like any physical culture, eyes gym is only one of the components of a whole complex of health maintenance activities. Do not forget about proper nutrition, walks in the open air, good sleep and good mood.

It is believed that the consolidation of any habit occurs in 3 - 4 weeks. Do eye exercises regularly during this time and evaluate the effect. Of course, it will not be possible to reclaim several “units” in this way, but to get rid of dryness, the sensation of sand under the eyelids and fatigue will definitely work.

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow

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