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How to lose weight properly and with health benefits

Down kilos!

Every third 11-year-old has excess body weight. Every second European is overweight. Over the past 40 years, the number of people suffering from obesity has doubled ... What is it? Preamble to advertising the next diet? No. These are the names of official World Health Organization reports.

With the development of infrastructure and technology, the level of comfort is growing, but the level of physical activity is falling sharply. The situation is aggravated by the diversity of semi-finished and fast food. 

The availability of fast food aggravates the situation with obesity

The availability of fast food aggravates the situation with obesity, photo WEB

More and more people are trying to lose weight, but more often in favor of fashion, and not in the struggle for health. Ephemeral ideals can not be a strong foundation for achieving the goal, and therefore, doubtful diets and ridiculous attempts at the gym usually end in failure and weak-willed decision to have a snack. 

The introduction was long, but not by accident. After all, it is known that half of the answer is already in the right question. And in the loss weight problem - it is relevant, as nowhere else. Do not think about how to "shrink" a couple of sizes, but ask yourself why you need to loss weight. The stimulus to wear new dress or get liked by someone quickly breaks down with a feeling of hunger or muscle pain from the gym. Another thing is when a person clearly understands that normal weight is a guarantee of health. Tachycardia, high blood pressure, digestive problems, joint pain, shortness of breath, hormonal disruptions ... If you do not want to get to know these and other problems closer, take care of your own weight!

Table of the ideal ratio of height and weight

Table of the ideal ratio of height and weight, photo WEB

In search of a simple way to lose weight, remember the successful "businessmen" who have made fortunes in selling solitaires eggs. All "instant" methods obey the same principle - weight loss due to health. The sick person is usually thin, but do you want to achieve this effect? If you set the right priorities and have enough patience, then the body will gladly part with the unnecessary fatty ballast. Slowly but surely.

First of all, forget about diets, they can are only curative. A healthy person needs to be fully fed. The ration should be rich in vegetables and fruits, porridges, seafood, "milk" and low-fat meat. But it's better to forget about fast food, fried products and baked pastries. Nevertheless, do not exclude sweet from the menu - it is a source of glucose, and hence energy. Eat dried fruits, marshmallows, pastilles, marmalade, lucum. But moderately and better in the morning.

A healthy person needs to be fully fed

A healthy person needs to be fully fed, photo WEB

There is a lot of information about nutrition in the internet. But it's not enough just to make a ration competently, it's also important to expend received energy. And the best assistant in this matter, of course, is sport

Swimming, running, fitness, dancing, tennis, even walking - any physical activity is better than nothing. Do it with husband, children, girlfriend, neighbor, colleague - it's easier together! Doing sports not only contributes to the normalization of weight and overall well-being, but also increases self-esteem, neutralizes the manifestations of depression, improves sleep and promotes normalization of the hormonal background.

Do it with husband, children, girlfriend, neighbor, colleague - it's easier together!

Do it with husband, children, girlfriend, neighbor, colleague - it's easier together!, photo WEB

And nevertheless, nutrition and sport are not all. With all the tricks, provide yourself with a full 7-hour dream. Little sleep is stress. Stress is cortisol. And cortisol is a hormone that subordinates metabolic processes to itself, in order to save energy, and therefore, to store fat. In addition, a sad and nervous person always wants a delicious snack. And to struggle with this desire is simply unbearable!

To lose weight follow simple rules: eat right, increase physical activity, get enough sleep and do not get nervous over trifles. Appreciate your health!

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow