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One calorie, two calories

One calorie, two calories

Today, more and more people are watching their weight. Diets come for help, all sorts of purification practice and other dubious methods. Experts say that effective weight loss and keeping yourself in shape is impossible without rigorous calorie counting. For most people, this process seems too tedious and difficult, but scientists from the University of Vermont insist - it's easy to count calories!

At the heart of any method of losing weight is a simple principle - to eat less calories than to spend. To implement it, one has to calculate their own rate of consumption, determine the level of physical activity and record the caloric content of absolutely all the foods eaten and drunk. It seems that such a “food math” takes a lot of time, and the result does not justify the means ... But the team of Jean Harvey, author of the study and head of the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences in Vermont University, proved the opposite.

It is important to eat less than you consume

It is important to eat less than you consume, photo WEB

Experts have set up an experiment, which attracted nearly one and a half hundred participants. For six months, the subjects tried to control their weight through a special online program and regularly attended virtual dietetic sessions. They recorded the characteristics of each product and drink: portion weight, its caloric content, fat content, method of preparation — every detail was recorded. In addition, the program noted how much time the participants spent on working with it, and with what regularity they entered it.

As a result of the experiment, it turned out that people who achieved the best results in the process of losing weight, spent only 23 minutes a day on processing their menu online! And in the process this time was reduced to a quarter of an hour. Interestingly, the most effective was the hard work of people who entered the program more often after each meal, and not those who spent more time at work, but once, for example, in the evening or even less often. “The participants who diligently and responsibly accounted for day-to-day consumption of products were more successful”, Jean Harvey concluded.

Negative Calorie Products

Negative Calorie Products, photo WEB

The results of the Harvey experience do not have a territorial or national framework, and therefore everyone can take note of them. In the Internet today there are enough websites that allow you to count calories online. They motivate, build charts, help to calculate the calorie and nutritional value of not only a specific product, but even complex dishes.

It is noteworthy that this process causes some difficulties only at the initial stage, and then brought almost to automatism. There is only one nuance - each product is subject to control, both a spoonful of salad, and lollipop, and a handful of chips in front of the TV should be recorded. You should not try to deceive yourself, because it is these "insignificant" snacks that usually cause a lack of progress in losing weight. Just starting to record them, you can see how much they "weigh".

Fruit calorie content (per 100 gr.)

Fruit calorie content (per 100 gr.), photo WEB

Meanwhile, the calculation of calories ideally should not begin near the computer, but also when drawing up a menu and buying a grocery set for the near time. In practice, this is not so difficult. Our diet includes only a few dozen products, the caloric content of which is quite simple to remember, or at least begin to navigate in numerical order.

And online programs in this case are an excellent help. Already after a couple of weeks of careful keeping of the food diary, the choice of products in the store becomes more conscious and, more importantly, less expensive. In addition, it turns out to be just interesting! And doubly, when the scales say that the path to the dream figure has finally begun.

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow