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Всемирный день здоровья

World Health Day

In pursuit of all kinds of benefits, we ignore the needs of our own organism. Four hours of sleep, lunch on the go (if at all), endless stresses and all this in the furious rhythm of a gassed city. Stop for a minute. Think about the fact that you can buy everything, except for health, the reserve of which is not unlimited.

What is health? Is the person who does not cough today and, in general, looks cheerful? WHO defines health as a state of absolute physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease.

The health reserve is not unlimited

The health reserve is not unlimited, photo WEB

Try this definition on yourself and honestly answer, are you healthy? Are there any healthy people in your environment? To remind humanity of responsibility for the state of its body and its critical importance, World Health Day is celebrated on April 7 worldwide for almost 70 years.

The idea of approving this date was first made at the first WHO session in 1948. On that and subsequent time this day was celebrated on July 22, but from 1950 to today the whole planet is singing an ode to health in early spring. On this day, each country in its own way draws public attention to health problems. Somewhere marathons pass, somewhere - themed holidays and donor days, educational activities and actions in support of the people categories who do not have access to quality medicine.

World Health Day is celebrated on April 7

World Health Day is celebrated on April 7, photo WEB

The state of person's health depends on hundreds of different factors. At different times the theme of this day was different - insect bites, food safety, hypertension and diabetes, aging and maternity problems, the danger of urbanization and climate change ... The theme of last year was depression, which, according to various estimates, affects almost every person on the planet.

Many people still deny the existence of such diagnosis, creating a dangerous stereotype that prevents people from seeking help. Lack of energy, anxiety, sleep problems, apathy, lack of interest in everything - the presence of these symptoms speaks of ill health and developing depression. And if we have learned a lot about the treatment of the common cold, we know nothing about the methods of combating mental problems. And such white spots in the understanding of health oppress much.

Many people still deny the existence of depression

Many people still deny the existence of depression, photo WEB

In particular, that is why the slogan of the Health Day in 2018 is "Health for all people". The main message of this is to support any initiatives aimed at ensuring global coverage of health care services of all countries and social strata. Everyone has the right to receive medical care and ensure healthy working conditions, access to quality health care, food and household.

In fact, millions of people on the planet live in unsanitary conditions, do not have access to clean water, or are forced to work as if slavery has not yet been abolished. Yes, there are many factors determining health that a person is able to control himself, but the responsibility for the rest lies entirely on the governments and relevant authorities, from health care to law enforcement.

Millions of people on the planet live in unsanitary conditions

Millions of people on the planet live in unsanitary conditions, photo WEB

The health of every person belongs not only to him. The state of health is reflected in relations with children, spouses, parents and colleagues, and a sick person always becomes a burden to others. But, unfortunately, the modern education system pays very little attention to the issues of health preservation, and in fact, this is the main thing that everyone should learn and know in life.

Take care of yourself, listen to the needs of your body, appreciate and maintain your health right now, without waiting for it to fail you.

Victoria Romanova, Russia, Moscow