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Gluten-free life


As you probably know, grains contain vegetable protein ― gluten. It is especially abundant in wheat, rye and barley. This substance consists of essential amino acids and vitamins. Once inside a healthy person’s gastrointestinal tract, it brings only good. However, over the recent years we’ve been hearing about serious diseases caused by excessive gluten consumption more and more often.

Bread is a number one product in our country. Any meal is inconceivable without it. A thought about baked goods being a mortal foe is unacceptable for out mindset. But the aforementioned vegetable protein is indeed the cause of adverse events.

Wheat, rye and barley are especially rich in gluten

Wheat, rye and barley are especially rich in gluten, photo WEB

The problem is that many people today suffer from gluten intolerance. Some of them can’t even imagine that this complex protein is responsible for their poor health, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, frequent headaches and incessant stomach disorders.

Many people don’t realize that the cause of their poor health is sensitivity to gluten

Many people don’t realize that the cause of their poor health is sensitivity to gluten, photo WEB

There is also a condition known as celiac disease or gluten-sensitive enteropathy. The incidence rate of celiac disease is extremely low. This disorder is characterized by the following: once gluten enters the body, small intestine microvilli are getting glued together and die. The resulting intestinal dystrophy prevents the body to assimilate vitamins, essential elements and nutrients. Fats, proteins and carbohydrates turn into poison. It explains the subsequent grave consequences ― inanition and, eventually, death.

A list of products which may contain gluten

A list of products which may contain gluten, photo WEB

This condition is strictly hereditary. A healthy person can casually consume gluten-containing foods without experiencing any problems. Conversely, people with gluten intolerance may suffer from celiac disease symptoms if they abuse products containing this substance.

In case of the confirmed diagnosis, there is only one way to counter this ailment. It is not even treatment, but helping your body to recover thin intestine functions. Gluten-free diet implies total removal of products containing the harmful protein from one’s diet.

There are many gluten-free recipes

There are many gluten-free recipes, photo WEB

It is known for certain that the following products do not contain this malignant vegetable protein: fowl, animal meat, fish, seafods, eggs, beans of any kind, buckwheat, rice, millet, fruit, vegetables, corn and nuts.

There are always gluten-free products on the shelves

There are always gluten-free products on the shelves, photo WEB

The lion’s share of consumed gluten comes from bread, baked goods and pasta. However, you can find this protein in unexpectedly many products. Nowadays gluten is actively used in production of preservatives, thickeners, various emulsifiers and stabilizers. You can figure out if there is gluten in a product by looking at the label.

In this case the term “gluten” is often substituted for “modified starch” or “hydrolyzed protein”. These ingredients can be found in:

Flour made from grains with high gluten content is considered to be the most valuable. High concentration of this substance improves dough elasticity and lifting, as well as taste and other crucial properties of baked goods.

European countries are actively breeding the crops

European countries are actively breeding the crops, photo WEB

Decades ago European countries initiated active breeding of crop cultures. The main aim of this process was to get products of good quality. For this, various kinds of fertilizers and agricultural techniques were used.

As a result, ideal grains were obtained. But simultaneously, many people all over the world began to develop the sighs of gluten intolerance.

Oksana Vlaskina, Saint Petersburg, Russia